Differentiated Service

Accelerate Your Talent Acquisition

Five key variables impact time to completion in executive search. Our points of differentiation focus on those five areas:

  • Hyper-specialization – “Everything to everybody” is not our game. We recruit CFOs for private equity-owned businesses, Board Directors, CEOs and other strategic C-level executives in Consumer Products and Services, Action Sports, and Wellness and Directors of Athletics and Administrators. These are our Partners’ majors, period. We’re un-diluted and non-diffused in our effort.
  • Best-in-class knowledge management – By being completely focused, we’re able to maintain a knowledge management environment that is best-in-class. Our searches are shorter because when we start, our commitment to knowledge management means we’re much farther along with candidates than our competitors so we can move you to interviews and a final placement more quickly and at a higher level of quality.
  • Micro-segmented candidate database – We’ve created a database that segments candidate skills, experiences, and preferences to a granular level. Our research and outreach are driven by turnkey access to spot-on candidates. That drives speed and efficiency.
  • Controlled capacity – We carry a limited number of projects at any given time ensuring that your project will receive far more attention in our hands. Once engaged, you aren’t one of a dozen “priorities”, you are our Priority.
  • Exceptional process – Our tools, reports, and processes are all designed with speed and comprehensive market coverage in mind.